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Caritas Internationalis calls for waiver of trade-related COVID-19 vaccine property rights

Caritas said it is “a basic right for every person to have access to healthcare in all circumstances, especially during pandemics”

Philippines starts vaccinating children against COVID-19

There are about 7 million children under the 5-11 age group in the country, but only 1.7 million are targeted for vaccination

More Filipinos willing to get booster shot against COVID-19, says survey

OCTA Research group said on Friday that new COVID-19 cases in Metro Manila and nearby provinces are on a downward trend

Bishop calls for ‘house-to-house’ vaccination of elderly, people with comorbidities

About 56.8 million Filipinos have already completed vaccination while 59.6 million have received only partial protection

Bishop renews call for Filipinos to get vaccinated against COVID-19

OCTA Research group reported that seven highly urbanized cities have logged record new COVID-19 infections on Sunday

Thousands march in Washington against COVID vaccine mandates

Speaker after speaker took to the microphone in front of the white marble Lincoln Memorial to decry the rules

Vaccine hesitancy among Filipinos drops, but World Bank notes low rate...

The World Bank said the slow pace and low rate of vaccination in the Philippines may be to blame for the spread of the Omicron variant

Vatican reaffirms support for COVID-19 vaccines amid spread of omicron variant

The Holy Father has defined vaccination as ‘an act of love,’ since it is aimed at the protection of people against COVID-19

Amid protests vs Italy’s vaccine rules, Cardinal Parolin says Church’s message...

Pope Francis called vaccinations an “act of love” in a public service announcement issued in collaboration with the Ad Council in August

COVID-infected bishop asks unvaccinated people to get jabs

Bishop Marcelino Antonio Maralit of Boac urged the public to join the ongoing “National Vaccination Days”

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