In search of ‘communist’ pantries

It is futile to search for “communist” pantries .... If it is “terrorists” that we fear, then it is wiser to fear the “terrorist” in us

‘It’s not about me,’ says the girl who started the Philippines’...

“The narrative that we must tell is the narrative of the people who choose to give ... and the story of the poor who struggle to stay alive"


The Maginhawa community pantry is a good news, a Gospel lesson on GOOD SHEPHERDING

Caritas Philippines hits President Duterte for lifting ban on new mines

Caritas Philippines said the decision will only favor business interests than the people, especially the poor and marginalized communities

Watch: Roadside ‘community pantries’ pop up in Philippine capital

The initiative's only rule is for people to take what they need from the "pantry" and to also give according to their capability

Church, green groups hit Philippines’ lifting of moratorium on mining

The groups said the decision will pave the way for more “unsustainable, destructive, and supremely detrimental” projects

Holy Week Introspection: Social justice as faith in God

The Holy Week reminds us why we believe in Christ, that is, to speak for those who are systematically forced and bludgeoned into silence

Holy Week Introspection: Da Vinci and The Last Supper

This Holy Week, let’s recall the days when Christianity was an outlawed faith, its Messiah falsely accused and killed by a tyrannical empire

But for the lovers: When tyranny targets poets

All throughout history, tyrants have knocked down the doors of poets. It’s time for poets around the world to knock back.

Analysis: Dysfunction fuels deadly Philippines COVID-19 carousel

The chaos in the Philippine capital displays how dysfunctional management hampers the official goal of balancing health and economic needs

SPOTLIGHT: Philippine environment defenders in the crosshairs of red-taggers

Red-tagging of individuals and groups have led to illegal arrests, harassment, and extra-judicial killings

Keeping faith, abandoning truth

The angry, growling dark depths where Duterte rules also display the fault lines of the Philippines 500 years of Christianity

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