SPOTLIGHT: For some elderly Indians the nationwide lockdown is a battle...

Elderly facing higher health risks, challenges of social isolation and loss of income

Duterte’s allies in Congress want to dictate news coverage

Statements by Philippine legislators indicate a desire to trap news outfits behind the steel bars of state-controlled news management

If not now, when?

Jesus teaches us to ask questions like, “What is the context?” What is the significance of these events within their given time and setting?

SPOTLIGHT: Domestic work, joblessness keep women from reporting violence

When pandemic lockdown began, women’s rights advocates were quick to notice the missing gender dimension in govt response

From the lens of power (2)

While everybody is so preoccupied trying to survive the pandemic, why and how can the immediate threat of terrorism be so real?

UN experts renew call for probe into Philippine human rights situation

A UN report this month revealed alleged 'widespread and systematic' human rights abuses in the context of the Philippines' war on drugs

Driven to desperation, jeepney drivers threaten to torch their vehicles

The government should move decisively to address the restiveness of the 50,000 jeepney drivers in the capital

On Father’s Day, dads urged to bridge gap in household work

An Oxfam study shows that more than half of women reported increases in unpaid care work during the coronavirus pandemic

Kin of political prisoners appeal for release of loved ones amid...

Relatives of political prisoners have filed a petition seeking the release of their loved ones who are deemed most vulnerable to COVID-19

Eliminating child labor a moral imperative

Poverty is the root cause of child labor. When families struggle to make ends meet, inevitably parents decide to send children to work.

Filipino farmers decry gov’t failure to complete land distribution program

The Duterte administration was only able to distribute 91,776 hectares of agricultural lands nationwide from 2016 to 2018

From the lens of power (1)

In the present tribulation of ABS-CBN, whose freedom are we actually referring to – ours or theirs?

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