'Those who try to destroy others, end up by destroying the world and peace and ultimately themselves' - Cardinal Bo of Yangon
People tend to stop at the emotional level without taking steps to listen and to act


In this season of Lent, we must never dare refuse a call by God to do a mission and offer our lives in sacrifice for him

With songs and poems and flowers

Thirty-five years down the road, and with several generations in tow, Filipinos are once more on the brink of a sociopolitical upheaval

Misencounter: More than meets the eye?

All that budget and training and all we get are poor excuses for peace officers

‘Ritual remembrance’ of 1986 ‘People Power’ and the ‘Church of the...

People power has become an integral part of the Philippine political tradition, because of the form it took and the result it achieved

Protecting the ‘Common Home’ is ‘mission possible’

How could humanity afford to spend billions of dollars to search for life on another planet while billions are also spent to destroy our own?

Ang henerasyong sumuko sa love

Hindi kayang bilhin ng pera ang pag-ibig. Ang boto, oo. Pero ang tunay na pag-ibig, hindi.

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