Statements by Philippine legislators indicate a desire to trap news outfits behind the steel bars of state-controlled news management
Jesus teaches us to ask questions like, “What is the context?” What is the significance of these events within their given time and setting?

Philippine anti-terrorism law can be worse than martial law

Retired Justice Antonio Carpio: "The Anti-Terrorism Act is likely to lead to a 'permanent situation ... that is worse than martial law'"

Asian bishops call for prayers for Hong Kong, China

The bishops call for prayers for Hong Kong and for China as the country implements a new national security law for Hong Kong

Treating citizens like cattle

Families left by the wayside during the pandemic know it is the government that is the biggest threat to their safety and security

Authoritarianism on the rise amid pandemic

The recourse to a mailed-fist policy in dealing with a health crisis is divisive and runs counter to guarantees of fundamental freedoms

Unity and universality

The feast day of Sts. Peter and Paul is meant to remind the faithful of the two directions of the Church’s mission: unity and universality

Private schools deserve government support

At least 400 private schools face closure because of lack of enrollees, according to a study done by the schools

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