It is only when we realize how blessed we are that we start living life as a blessing

Wuzzup, UNESCO?

While legally, the Ampatuan massacre may seem resolved at first glance, we should remember that the verdict is still up for appeal

#Alive at survival skills sa social media

Kagaya ng “#Alive” na kapag nag-ingay ay dudumugin ka ng zombie, ganyang-ganyan din ang nangyayari sa social media

Growing up

How do we know we are learning to love like Christ? St. Paul offers a checklist for self assessment.

The ‘Trojan’ towers and the China-backed telecoms debate

In today’s world, cyber espionage is a real and indisputable security threat

A vicious cycle of poverty and suffering

Poverty has been and has always been inflicted upon those who have the least resistance

Forgiven, forgiving

Remember, God hates the sin but loves the sinners. He never gives up on them and continues to desire their good.

SPOTLIGHT: Mulan: Disney’s deal with the devil

Live-action movie Mulan is one of Disney’s most expensive productions and it’s also now becoming one of most unprincipled

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