Among youth who raised the dilemma of parents sharing disinformation, one thing was clear: education does not guarantee enlightenment
The country seems to be transforming into a police state where authorities conveniently ignore human rights

Philippine network shutdown a brazen assault on press freedom, democracy

This is the second time the media network will be shut down since 1972 when it was closed down upon the formal declaration of martial law

‘Planting rice is never fun’

Proclaiming the Word of God is no different sometimes from what the farmer does on the soil to make it disposed for the planting.

Killing a network, fueling resistance

As repression worsens in the Philippines, the closure of a legacy highway of expression has sparked new avenues of resistance

Anti-terror law offers cold comfort, instills red-hot fear

To use the new law to suppress legitimate demands, arrest and detain those seeking justice, is nothing less than out-and-out State terrorism

Amid pandemic, Church calls for renewable energy, care for environment

It is correct in pointing out that concern for the poor and the environment “can no longer be attended to with indifference”

The Original Twelve

The Eucharist was an infamous night of betrayal which Jesus had turned into a meal of forgiveness. So why should I exclude Judas?

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