Our government should not play footsie with Chinese propaganda efforts to erase any and all negative public perception of its intentions
Why of all the nations and peoples in Asia was the Philippines chosen by God to be among the first to receive this precious gift?

The rape of innocence

Justice is a powerful healing for victims of sexual abuse and just enlightened judges are an essential part of the healing process

What good could a Duterte-Duterte tandem do?

Today, the fight to secure people’s rights under a democracy is being challenged by the patronization of dynastic rule

Dialogue towards harmony and a COVID-free society

In the midst of this pandemic, we have come to realize our interconnectedness and common humanity

We need to be knights

Disaster risk reduction and management is supposed to be our sword and shield against natural tragedies

Watch: An entirely different kind of king

However, Christ’s kingship is totally different. Christ is not sitting on a throne, but hanging on the cross.

Already but not yet

If we can get rid of our tendency to project on God our own delusions of grandeur, only then can we meaningfully proclaim Christ as our King

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