Hindi libre ang paggawa ng masama dahil darating ang araw na pagbabayaran din ito ng maysala
The stark choice facing many Christians in Muslim-majority Iraq will be highlighted during the first ever papal visit to the Biblical nation

Watch: Basic Ecclesial Community shows way to survive pandemic

Watch ‘Up Close’ with the people behind various parish projects that provided for the needs of the poorest of the poor during the pandemic

Radio Veritas’ role in ouster of Philippine dictator remembered 35 years...

Radio Veritas has been cited for its "crucial role in using truth to depose an oppressive and corrupt regime"

For living with the tribe and teaching children, computer scientist gets...

Chad Booc, a 26-year-old graduate of the University of the Philippines, has volunteered as a teacher for indigenous children in Mindanao

Photo Gallery: Somebody ‘leaving’ nearby

'Slums are the most visible expression of the polarization of wealth and power in the city'

Ancestor of Britain’s Prince William on path to Catholic sainthood

George Spencer, who left the Anglican Church, took the name "Ignatius of St. Paul" after he became a Catholic priest

Photos: Pandemic affects Philippines’ Ash Wednesday tradition

The coronavirus pandemic has affected not only the lives of Filipinos but even their traditional religious practices

US faithful mark Ash Wednesday from a distance

Communities of faith in the US have grown more creative to reach congregants hungry for spiritual and social connections

Watch: Filipino priest turns church square in Manila into vegetable farm

Joe Torres is ‘Up Close' with Oblates Father Eduardo Vasquez and his response to the call of Pope Francis to care for 'Our Common Home'

The story of Joy (A different kind of Valentine’s Day story)

“Problems and sufferings will come but I know I can overcome because I know what love means”

Hanggang saan mo kayang ilaban ang pag-ibig?

Wala nga namang hindi makakayang lampasan ang tunay na pag-ibig

SPOTLIGHT: When the dragons and lions stopped dancing

The colorful festivities in Manila’s Chinatown, the oldest in the world, was gone. The dragon and lion dancers were nowhere to be seen.

Watch: ‘Up Close’ with Father John Mi Shen on the celebration...

Joe Torres is ‘Up Close' with Father John Mi Shen on the celebration of Chinese New Year in the midst of the pandemic

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