How long, O Lord, must I bear grief in my soul....

The results of the recent Philippine national elections has reawakened a deep sense of grief

Risking jail and Church ire, Russian priests condemn Ukraine conflict

Only a handful of priests from the Russian Orthodox Church have spoken out openly against the Kremlin's military campaign

Open Letter to Vice President Leni Robredo from a mother of...

"I believe that each Filipino parent has that God-given opportunity to act concretely to secure a better future for their children"

Remembering Bishop Labayen and the Basic Ecclesial Communities

Bishop Julio Labayen recognized the Lord among the poor — farmers, laborers, fisherfolk

Macliing Dulag and Earth Day

"How can you own that which will outlive you? Only the race owns the land because the race lives forever” - Macliing Dulag

Deaths of Asian migrant workers in Gulf states mostly ‘unexplained, unnecessary,’...

Government data on migrant worker deaths are fragmented, incomplete and inconsistent, says a report released by non-government groups

‘Out of sight, out of mind’ attitude hampers COVID recovery for...

“The COVID-19 pandemic hit the fishing and seafood processing industries in Southeast Asia hard and migrant workers the hardest”

Ecumenical Church group hits arrest of church worker in Mindanao

The group denounced the "blatant fabrication of evidence" as an "affront to truth and common decency"

Urban poor stage own version of Jesus’ passion ahead of Holy...

Playing the role of Jesus was a jeepney driver being whipped by gas pumps that reflect the high prices of petroleum products

SPOTLIGHT: Making coffee to sweeten bitter lives of Manila’s drug war...

In a small stall in the middle of a party place in a suburb of the Philippine capital, a group of women keep their pain in silence

A tragedy under martial law

Life under the dictatorship was deadly, especially for those who stood against the dictator

Virus wave deepens grim conditions for Filipino domestic workers in Hong...

Women from the Philippines and Indonesia who work as domestic helpers have suffered more under Hong Kong's pandemic restrictions

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