No help, no roof, no food

“Have you ever experienced typhoons in the provinces?” asks Gabriel Villanueva, the village chief. “Well, they can make you cry.”

A call for action against abuse of children online

More resources have to be devoted to detecting and apprehending child abusers and increasing the penalties for crimes against children

Planting rice not anymore fun for Filipino farmers due to disasters,...

The rice liberalization law resulted in the country's "total reliance" on a very limited market for food security

Some very uncomfortable truths

We can speculate that manipulative forces in society welcome and promote collective silence, docility, moral decay, and social ignorance

Catholic priests call for ‘programmatic intervention’ on issues affecting indigenous peoples

The priests decried what they described as the “lack of sustained and programmatic interventions” on how to help indigenous peoples

Cry me a River: How we treat our mothers and children

The case of Mommy Ina and her baby River would long be remembered for the brazen cruelty it stands for

Faith-based groups slam authorities for ‘inhumane treatment’ of political prisoner

Reina Mae Nasino, a 23-year-old urban poor community organizer, was arrested on charges of illegal possession of firearms and explosives

A day in the life of Stanley Butalid, Filipino teacher

To protect the learning modules, he has to wrap it with plastic, seals it in a plastic box, and carries it on his shoulders to the villages

The explosion of child abuse online

Unless there is less talk and more direct positive action to curb online sexual abuse of children, it will only continue to get worse

Serving the undeserving

If we wish to realize the kingdom of God, then we must start understanding our collective culpability for the poverty of the marginalized

Church shaken by spate of killings, claims bishop in central Philippines

“The cries for justice and solidarity ring out from those bent-over under heavy burdens,” said Bishop Gerardo Alminaza of San Carlos

A vicious cycle of poverty and suffering

Poverty has been and has always been inflicted upon those who have the least resistance

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