Filipino seafarers, fishermen face rough sailing amid pandemic

In recent years, Filipino fishermen complain that they were being harassed by Chinese boats and armed men at sea

SPOTLIGHT: Domestic work, joblessness keep women from reporting violence

When pandemic lockdown began, women’s rights advocates were quick to notice the missing gender dimension in govt response

Bishop warns against impact of terror law on Philippine labor

Bishop Gerardo Alminaza of San Carlos said the proposed bill will result in the “further criminalization of unionism”

Treating citizens like cattle

Families left by the wayside during the pandemic know it is the government that is the biggest threat to their safety and security

Torture degrades victims and perpetrators

Despite the ratification of a UN treaty banning torture, human rights experts say the practice continues around the world today

Manila’s homeless back in the streets despite pandemic

The street dwellers left the temporary shelters provided by church groups as schools across the capital prepare for the resumption of classes

Genocide, history and radicalization of the Rohingya: A threat to moderate...

Rohingyas seen as being too radical for liberal Bengali nationalists and Awami League sees them as natural supporters for its Islamist opponents

Waiting, hoping, dreaming can be deadly for Filipino poor amid pandemic

The death of Michelle Silvertino, 33, after trying to get a ride home has prompted the government to look into the plight of stranded workers

PHOTOS: Child labor in Philippines’ small-scale gold mines

June 12 is World Day Against Child Labor: There are about 152 million children in child labor, 72 million of whom are in hazardous work

Burdensome public transport restrictions amid lockdown

Jeepney drivers are probably the most adversely affected in the transport sector as they have not earned any income for the past three months

PHOTOS: Joblessness forces Manila’s poor workers back to provinces

Workers from the province of Albay joined the exodus of jobless Filipinos out of the Philippine capital Manila in the wake of the pandemic

Chinese authorities plan to destroy another Uyghur cemetery in Xinjiang

Since 2014, at least 45 Uyghur cemeteries in the region have been razed

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