Muslim population misinformation fuels Islamophobia in India

Despite their growing share of the population, Muslims would remain a small minority in a country of 1.7 billion people by mid-century

As Ramadan begins, China’s Muslims face fasting bans, monitoring and arrest

Amid Uyghur genocide, new report says Beijing is trying to erase the last of Hui Muslim culture

Rights group raises alarm over reported ‘militarization’ of villages

Karapatan said the soldiers have been “profiling” local residents to ascertain who among them are members of activist organizations

Filipino bishop calls for community effort, ‘culture of safety’ to address...

A Senate inquiry noted that the Philippines is the most problematic among over 70 countries in the world for bullying

Southeast Asian MPs condemn shutting down of independent media outlet in...

“Shutting down an independent media outlet due to a single perceived ‘mistake’ is a blatant violation of freedom of the press”

Child rights group urges gov’t, civil society to strengthen response on...

A new study done by CPTCSA noted the “lack of holistic sex and sexuality training” of those working for the welfare of children

The women who lived as sex slaves to an Indian goddess

The stigma around their pasts means women who leave their devadasi order often endure lives as outcasts or objects of ridicule

Crimes against children on the Internet 

Priests and bishops like everyone else can be sinners and must be held responsible like everyone else for crimes against children

Persecution of Christians at its highest point in 30 years; North...

An increasing phenomenon of a “refugee” church, due to the number of Christians fleeing persecution has been noted

A case of clerical child rape

Church law says every act of sexual abuse against a child is not only a heinous crime in civil law but is a violation of Church law

Priest says rights defenders, including church workers, continue to face threats...

“Let us not be afraid even if we are branded, or red-tagged," said Father Buenafe, adding that the call of the Gospel is very clear

Philippines’ feast of Child Jesus a reminder of the gift of...

Human life should be seen not just as a fundamental human right but as a gift from the Creator


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