1 in every 3 countries suffers grave violations of religious freedom,...

Aid to the Church in Need report notes that China and Myanmar are among those that have the worst records of violations

Rights group decries ‘red-tagging’ of community initiatives to help poor

The presidential palace has earlier lauded the "community pantries" describing it as showing "the best in us during the worst of times"

Fighting murder and mayhem with compassion and courage

Filipinos chose the way of compassion by putting up hundreds of community pantries all over the country

Pope Francis supports human rights defenders

Pope Francis is aware of the struggle and needs of dedicated human rights activists fighting for justice and peace and human dignity

Church people stand by slain tribal leader in northern Philippines

Church groups say the killings of tribal people was “an attempt to silence" them in their fight against the mega-dam project

Young Filipino boys, more than girls, suffer from sexual abuse

A Philippine study on violence against children noted that sexual violence occurs more often on boys (28.7 percent) than girls (20.1%)

Equality and justice for women

We must give women and children the opportunity to tell their truth and share their story and give help and support

Bloody Sunday at Calabarzon

"In the end, each murder forms the miseducation of the Filipino: that violence and carnage are our only recourse to peace"

Celebrating the rightful power and dignity of women

A huge number of women are still discriminated against, belittled, abused and made victims of domestic violence

Photo Gallery: Somebody ‘leaving’ nearby

'Slums are the most visible expression of the polarization of wealth and power in the city'

Gawking at Gold: The persecution of lumad

'The raid in Cebu puts yet another dent on the police forces’ attempts to polish a dwindling public perception'

Coming to terms with the truth: Depression has no face

Dealing with and investing in mental health issues could prove beneficial in the short- and long-term

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