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The most revolutionary thing about Christianity in the context of Judaism was precisely its impulse to break down the barriers of division

Ark of the New Covenant

We are given assurance that in Mary, we see an anticipation of the fullness of glory, if we learn to live up to the greatness of God

Lord what must we do? (Mark 10:17)

Pastoral Message to teachers, educators, seminary professors, seminarians and the Catholic faithful at the opening of the school year

Conquering fear

Prayer is a response to Jesus’ invitation to come to him, to learn from him to do as he does.

To be Christ

Can we really do as Jesus did? Can we really have power over evil spirits as he did? Heal as he did? Multiply loaves as he did?

Philippine diocese launches urban farming program

The Diocese of Kalookan will open the demonstration farm to other parishes and communities for urban farming training workshops and seminars.

Seeing the essentials

"I wonder who else in today’s Philippine society Exupery would have added among the ridiculous grownups whom he described." - Bishop David

Bishop David, humiling ng panalangin para sa mga nagpositibo sa COVID-19

Dalawang pari, isang deacon, at dalawang seminarista ng Diyosesis ng Kalookan ang nagpositibo sa sakit na COVID-19

The secret of multiplication

A dismissive attitude that cannot start with the limited resources available will never experience the miracle of multiplication.

On Church and Politics

As fellow citizens of this country, we are merely participating in the exercise of the freedom of expression of the citizenry

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