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After 34 years of Philippines’ agrarian reform law, farmers continue to...

“It’s not only about land distribution, but the condition that the farmers are in now. Are they tilling their own lands?”

Rights groups call for release of arrested activists, farmers in Tarlac...

“We condemn these dirty tactics that seem bent on sabotaging the distribution of the 200-hectare sugarcane estate to rightful beneficiaries"

Protesting farmers arrested in Tarlac

The farmers have been tilling the land for 27 years and are awaiting their official installation as beneficiaries of the program

35 years after massacre of farmers, struggle for agrarian reform continues

Every time poor farmers attempt to pursue their claims for land reform, they are attacked by state security forces and goons

Farmers in Bataan province appeal for stop to demolition of homes...

Several houses were demolished by a property developer after it got the approval of a local court despite the pandemic

Filipino farmers decry continuing landlessness, mark 1987 massacre of protesting peasants

The government has distributed 120,889 hectares of land to 77,275 agrarian reform beneficiaries nationwide from July 2016 to June 2019

Activists, farmers hold protest marches to pay tribute to Filipino peasants

Protesters called on the government to act on the killings of peasants and appealed for “respect for those who produce the food we eat”

Filipino farmers decry gov’t failure to complete land distribution program

The Duterte administration was only able to distribute 91,776 hectares of agricultural lands nationwide from 2016 to 2018

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