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WordCon 2023 invites Catholics to reflect on Synodal process

This year’s Word Conference, a one-day hybrid conference on the relevance of the Scriptures in contemporary life, will “reflect the essence of the synod – walking together”. 

With the theme “The Word of God: A fountain of water in a dry land, springing up to eternal life”, the 6th Word Conference aims to invite the faithful to “listen and dialogue”.

“As we embark on the synodal process, it is essential to anchor ourselves in God’s Word, which is like a fountain of water that will quench our burning thirst for truth and reconciliation,” said Fr. Dennis Tamayo, executive director of the Claretians Communications Foundation, Inc.

The Claretian Missionaries in the Philippines, under the care of the Prefecture of Biblical Animation and Communications and the Claretian Communications Foundation, Inc., is sponsoring the event on November 27 in Quezon City.

Fr. Tamayo said the event hopes to start the dialogue and open more venues for conversation to “understand further the importance of this synod in the life of the faithful and the Church”.

The Synod on Synodality is a two-year process that Pope Francis began in October 2021. It is a process that allows bishops to consult with Catholics — from parishioners all the way up to priests — in a spirit of collaboration and openness.

In October last year, Pope Francis announced that the Synod on Synodality will be extended to 2024. The pontiff shared his decision to divide the Synod of Bishops into two sessions that will meet in Rome in October 2023 and October 2024.

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The pope said he made the decision “in order to have a more relaxed period of discernment.”

“The fruits of the synodal process underway are many, but so that they might come to full maturity, it is necessary not to be in a rush,” said Pope Francis.

Fr. Tamayo reminded the faithful that the “word of God is the heart of this synodal process.” 

He said by proclaiming God’s Word in this synod, “we are constantly reminded of the vital role it plays in the pastoral life of the Church and the understanding of our faith”.

“One vital point in this synodal process is that no one should be left out, so we emphasize the cry of those in suffering and the margins or peripheries,” said the priest. 

The 6th Word Conference is open to the public. For more details, visit its website at www.wordcon.ph

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