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Complaining people

We must take a chance at trusting the prophets, even if they have to lead us through the desolate desert of unconditional selflessness

Food for the Gods

In the Eucharist, we discover the food that nourishes us for eternity: love, unconditional love, total self-giving

Human trafficking ‘still thrives’ in Philippines, says interfaith movement

The Philippine situation is “aggravated" by poverty as families struggle to survive from the economic backlash of the pandemic”

Unfazed by failure, faith-based groups press for peace talks between gov’t,...

PEPP leaders say they will continue to press for peace negotiations even after President Rodrigo Duterte ends his term in 2022

Reporting abuse should be as easy as making a call

Child abuse is almost as frequent as sending a text message. Reporting child abuse should be as frequent as making a phone call.

Philippines fully restores military agreement with United States

The Visiting Forces Agreement provides rules for the rotation of US troops in and out of the Philippines for war drills and exercises

Green groups welcome passage of House bill on phaseout of single-use...

The Philippines' House of Representatives passed the “Single-Use Plastic Products Regulation Act” on July 28

Displaced indigenous people in Bukidnon hope to return home soon

Members of the Manobo-Pulangihon tribe have been living on a roadside in the town of Quezon since 2017

Philippine religious superiors hit ‘red-tagging’ of Redemptorists in Laoag

A Redemptorist mission community in the city of Laoag has been the target of “red-tagging” in recent days

Hidilyn Diaz inspires Filipinos with her victory, faith, devotion to Virgin...

Diaz’s inspirational victory and public display of her Catholic faith touched the hearts of church leaders and Filipino Catholics

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