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When will Filipinos listen to the cries around them?

It is impossible to implement effective climate and environmental action without taking into account social justice

Pariah to president: Marcos returns family to Philippines supremacy

Despite his own father's concerns about his "carefree and lazy" nature, Marcos Jr, 64, made it to the ultimate post

Rights groups urge Marcos to take ‘immediate, decisive action’ to improve...

The group urged Marcos to publicly order the military, police, and security forces to cease targeting activists and human rights defenders

Rampant ‘vote-buying’ reported as Filipinos elect new president, other top officials

The Commission on Elections urged the public to be vigilant and to report to the police any incident of “vote-buying”

3 security guards shot dead; grenade attack wounds 9 in Mindanao...

Thousands of personnel from the police, armed forces and coast guard have fanned out across the archipelago to help secure polling stations

Leni Robredo: ‘Last woman standing’ in Philippine presidential race

Leni Robredo is the last obstacle to the Marcos family regaining the presidency they lost in 1986 following a popular uprising

Pope Francis pays homage to journalists ahead of World Press Freedom...

Pope Francis noted that 47 journalists were killed worldwide last year, and more than 350 were imprisoned

Caritas Philippines starts community schooling program

Bishop Jose Colin Bagaforo stressed that the Church only complements the programs of the government

Child rights groups appeal for clean, peaceful elections

Child rights groups stressed the need for candidates to clearly discuss their proposed policies and programs for children

Post-election scenario: Robredo presidency

Because she was elected with the support of Church people there is close Church and state collaboration for the common good

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