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Church group urges dropping of charges against missionaries

A religious group has called for charges to be dropped against an organization of Catholic missionaries, including some nuns.

The Religious Discernment Group (RDG), in a statement, said that accusing the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines (RMP) of financing terrorists is “simply ridiculous.”

“We call on those who have maliciously accused members of the RMP of consorting with terrorists to immediately withdraw the absurd charges they have leveled against missionaries who have placed themselves at the service of our marginalized and exploited sisters and brothers,” said RDG convener Fr. Wilfredo Dulay of the Missionary Disciples of Jesus congregation.

“We pray that they desist from any further attempt to harass them and obstruct their mission to the wretched and the poor of our land,” it said.

The Department of Justice has recently indicted 16 people, including five nuns, linked with the RMP on alleged terrorist financing— a non-bailable offense.

The charges were filed on August 15, before the Iligan City Regional Trial Court.

The DOJ alleged that the RMP wired a portion of money it received from foreign funders to the New People’s Army, which the government is seeking to outlaw as a terrorist organization.

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The RMP, which was established more than 50 years ago, has repeatedly denied the allegations.

Fr. Dulay stressed that the Church is definitely opposed to the use of violence and its respect for life is absolute.

“The Church will always uphold the sanctity of human life and will never support terrorism,” he said.

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