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In search of ‘communist’ pantries

It is futile to search for “communist” pantries .... If it is “terrorists” that we fear, then it is wiser to fear the “terrorist” in us

Catholic bishop backs call for probe into funds of Philippine anti-insurgency...

Bishop Bacani stressed the danger of “red-tagging,” saying that many of those who have been accused of being communist were killed

It’s time we say ‘No!”

Our sure defiance lies in acknowledging that Filipinos have never been anything but a warm and hospitable people and generous to a fault

Caritas Philippines urges diocesan centers to engage with gov’t agencies

Bishop Bagaforo said the measures will protect social action workers “from unnecessary exposure to the rampant and systematic red-tagging"

Caritas Philippines to talk with military on red-tagging, crackdown of activists

Bishop Jose Colin Bagaforo said the prevailing human rights situation has compelled his office to initiate and spearhead a dialogue

Philippine Protestant council expresses support for bill against red-tagging

The National Council of Churches in the Philippines said red-tagging has already victimized various organizations and individuals

Indian court refuses bail for detained 83-year-old Jesuit priest

Father Swamy suffers intense pain due to spondylosis and tremors in both hands due to Parkinson’s, reads part of failed bail application

SPOTLIGHT: Philippine environment defenders in the crosshairs of red-taggers

Red-tagging of individuals and groups have led to illegal arrests, harassment, and extra-judicial killings

Philippine faith-based groups hit spate of killings, arrests of activists

The Church leaders denounce the 'unfathomable acts that disrespect life and violate human rights'

Philippine authorities order Dutch missionary to leave in 60 days

The Immigration bureau said there is “substantial evidence” to cancel the resident visa of Catholic lay missionary Otto Rudolf De Vries

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