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Filipino missionary nun who championed social justice dies at 67

Sister Mary Francis Añover, RSM, was national coordinator of the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines from 2010 to 2016

AI: ‘Opportunism,’ ‘contempt for human rights’ mark global response to pandemic

Amnesty International said some “particularly virulent strain” of leaders used the pandemic as an opportunity to entrench their own power

Protestant council condemns freeze of Church’s assets in southern Philippines

The Protestant Church council called on the government to stop the 'harassment' against the United Church of Christ in the Philippines

New Manila archbishop to maintain ‘open line’ with presidential palace

Cardinal Jose Advincula said protecting human rights will be one of his key missions

Caritas Philippines to talk with military on red-tagging, crackdown of activists

Bishop Jose Colin Bagaforo said the prevailing human rights situation has compelled his office to initiate and spearhead a dialogue

Mindanao advocates slam freeze of Church group’s bank accounts

The group said UCCP-HARAN is “simply performing their calling to participate in the establishment of a just and compassionate social order”

Holy Week Introspection: Da Vinci and The Last Supper

This Holy Week, let’s recall the days when Christianity was an outlawed faith, its Messiah falsely accused and killed by a tyrannical empire

Church groups in Canada call for end to military support for...

They called for an end to Canada’s “financial assistance for anti-terrorism and training" provided directly to the Philippine government

Pope Francis supports human rights defenders

Pope Francis is aware of the struggle and needs of dedicated human rights activists fighting for justice and peace and human dignity

Philippine Protestant council expresses support for bill against red-tagging

The National Council of Churches in the Philippines said red-tagging has already victimized various organizations and individuals

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