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Duterte taunts International Criminal Court, saying war on drugs far from...

Duterte taunted the court again, saying he has never denied that he will kill people out to destroy the country

Beware of the Aswang!

In the documentary “Aswang,” the ferocious vampiric, shape-shifting monster metamorphoses into the perpetrators of the “war on drugs”

Interfaith church group presses for Duterte’s accountability over ‘war on drugs’...

One Voice says the crimes done to the victims of the "war on drugs" is "a crime that endangers us all"

‘Justice never sleeps:’ Families of Philippine drug war victims welcome ICC...

The ICC prosecutor asked the court to allow a full investigation into the killings in the Philippines' war on drugs

Rights groups welcome probe by International Criminal Court into Philippine killings

Fatou Bensouda, ICC chief prosecutor, said “crimes against humanity” could have been committed in the Philippines

Fighting murder and mayhem with compassion and courage

Filipinos chose the way of compassion by putting up hundreds of community pantries all over the country

‘Running priest’ launches book on parish’s response to pandemic, killings

The book details the challenges brought about by the pandemic and the “horrors of the bloody war on drugs campaign” to the parish

Jailed Duterte critic celebrates ‘moral victory’ after court dismisses case

Duterte's spokesman, Harry Roque said De Lima had no reason to celebrate because she remains in jail

Church leaders welcome international court report on Philippine rights situation

The ICC Office of the Prosecutor noted that there is “a reasonable basis to believe" that "crimes against humanity" were committed

Philippine faith-based group hits Duterte’s attempt to wash ‘bloody hands’

Official government data show that nearly 6,000 people have been killed in the government’s war on drugs since July 2016

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