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Footsteps of Father Picx

He was a remarkable man who tirelessly followed in the footsteps of the Redeemer. Fr. Amado “Picx” Picardal, CSsR, touched countless lives through his steadfast commitment to peace, justice, and compassion.

We mourn not only in sorrow but also in gratitude for the sacrifices he made. His purposeful footsteps left behind a trail of hope, calling for transformation.

Fr. Picx’s journey was to explore the world, to understand its complexities, and to embrace its beauty. We mourn his sudden passing in a place of solitude and reflection.

We remember his brilliance and courage, fearlessly documenting the atrocities of the Davao Death Squad and shedding light on extrajudicial killings.

His voice demanded justice and accountability; he was more than a priest—he was a beacon of truth.

As we bid farewell to our brother, let us honor his memory by continuing the journey he started toward a more just and compassionate world.

Though Fr. Picx’s footsteps have ceased, his legacy endures. May his courage and memories forever guide us as a beacon of light.

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We are reminded of the resilience required to challenge injustice and uphold human dignity. His life inspires us to pursue truth and justice with unyielded passion.

As we reflect on his dedication, we recognize the immense personal sacrifices made in the name of human rights.

Fr. Picx’s tireless efforts to combat violations and advocate for the oppressed have set a formidable example for all of us.

His legacy compels us to continue his fight against darkness, striving for a world where justice and compassion prevail.

Vincent Go is a veteran photojournalist and a human rights activist who documented the government’s war on drugs campaign.

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