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Rice: Resilience in Cosmos-Earth

Because heaven cannot be possessed by one, rice must be shared with each other. Just as together we view the stars in Heaven

On the absence of the presence

Atheism and the phenomenon of secularization are the worst consequences of our most damaging failures as Church

On the Spirit and Spirituality

Our exponentially-growing awareness of cosmological realism has demonstrated that we are but a tiny speck of dust in a cosmic ocean

Daily Mass

In these most uncertain times, is it not appropriate we resolve this Easter to try to start participating in the celebration of daily Mass?

Pope Francis shares a spiritual life hack: Know the ‘passwords’ of...

Pope Francis said that discernment requires unlocking “the passwords of our heart”

A misplaced spiritual pride

How then can we expect to serve the kingdom of God by curing the pride of the world, if we cannot control the pride of our own churches?

Spiritual engineering

Advent invites us to do as John did — to find time to go into solitude and listen to the voice in the wilderness

Pope Francis’ advice for reigniting your spiritual life

“Today, there are many who still seek religious security rather than the living and true God," said Pope Francis

Pope Francis: ‘My intuitions, my perceptions and my spirituality’ come from...

Pope Francis has reflected on the importance of the Second Vatican Council and the influence of its teachings on his life and spirituality

Spiritual waste management

It is most certainly hard to see God when we are so full of spiritual trash inside

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