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Catholic parish in central Philippines trains ‘cyber-missionaries’

On July 19, the Redemptorist Media Ministry of Tacloban parish underwent a basic course on online writing, photography, and video production

Generations face off as Duterte government ramps up repression

Among youth who raised the dilemma of parents sharing disinformation, one thing was clear: education does not guarantee enlightenment

The Voice

God is creating new opportunities to open minds and hearts. He is also creating new avenues for his Word to be heard through many new voices.

DFA warns migrant workers to be careful with social media posts

Filipinos in Saudi Arabia are warned to be careful with social media posts that might ruin the reputation of their employers

Philippine church leaders, activists express concern over fake FB accounts

Facebook said it is already investigating reports of "suspicious activity" and is taking action on accounts that violate its policies

Social communicators keep Church visible during pandemic

Amid the uncertainties brought by the pandemic, social communicators in the Church continue to tell stories of hope and inspiration

Chinese woman sentenced to four years jail for social media posts

A woman in China’s central province of Hubei has been sentenced to four years in prison for “picking quarrels and stirring up trouble” using her social media accounts.

Manila’s church activities expected to undergo changes after pandemic

Parishes are urged to develop their social media ministries because online religious services are expected to stay

COVID-19 presses Church to go digital

Little did we know that it would take a pandemic to reach this near-total transformation at the highest levels of Church, business, and govt

Filipino priest uses popular app to reach out to youth

TikTok has become a venue for people to consult with their priest about family relations, guidance on forgiveness, and even Catechism for children

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