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More Filipinos suffer involuntary hunger, survey says

About 20.9 percent of the respondents said they suffer from “hunger due to lack of food to eat” as the country faced the coronavirus pandemic

Vatican official calls for action to fight hunger

In 2019, an estimated 690 million people went hungry, due to this year’s pandemic that number is expected to rise by between 83 and 132 million

Driven to desperation, jeepney drivers threaten to torch their vehicles

The government should move decisively to address the restiveness of the 50,000 jeepney drivers in the capital

Helping smallholder farmers attain food sovereignty in India’s northeast

Church-led project helps bring back traditional agricultural systems robust enough to survive erratic climatic conditions while providing nutritious food

‘Let’s keep our gaze fixed on the poor’

Poor Filipinos will be more vulnerable in the months ahead as job losses mount due to the coronavirus pandemic

Poor Filipinos caught in the midst of pandemic endure long journey...

They endured the feel of the burning concrete on their tired soles and thinning slippers and carried on until they reached the church

Waiting, hoping, dreaming can be deadly for Filipino poor amid pandemic

The death of Michelle Silvertino, 33, after trying to get a ride home has prompted the government to look into the plight of stranded workers

Pope reminds faithful of responsibility to help poor during pandemic

Pope Francis criticized “those who prefer to keep their hands in their pockets and to remain unmoved by situations of poverty"

Report: Coronavirus crisis could see number of extreme poor rise to...

Region expected to see the biggest number of people at risk of plunging into extreme poverty was South Asia

Eliminating child labor a moral imperative

Poverty is the root cause of child labor. When families struggle to make ends meet, inevitably parents decide to send children to work.

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