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Teachers ride waves in Mindanao to bring education materials to island...

In the southern Philippines, teachers have to travel by boat and trudge mountains to distribute learning materials

More Filipinos going hungry, church leaders call for transparency in gov’t...

A new survey shows a record-high hunger incidence of 30.7 percent — the highest rate since the previous peak of 23.8 percent in 2012

Under Marcos, Negros’ lush sugar lands turned red

A system of injustice had propped up the elite of Negros’ monocrop economy for more than a century

Serving the undeserving

If we wish to realize the kingdom of God, then we must start understanding our collective culpability for the poverty of the marginalized

A vicious cycle of poverty and suffering

Poverty has been and has always been inflicted upon those who have the least resistance

Poverty. Misery. Catastrophe.

'The truth remains that a markedly big number of people are destitute, hungry, sick — all arguments to the contrary notwithstanding'

Filipinos claim quality of life got worse in recent months during...

The survey revealed that only eight percent of the respondents said that life became better, while 12 percent said life stayed the same.

In a red Dutch house, by the banks of Marikina River,...

Thousands of jeepney drivers lost their source of living after the government prevented them from going back to the streets

UN poverty report on Malaysia falls on deaf ears

Envoy accuses Malaysian govt of ‘statistical sleight of hand’ in claiming it has a poverty rate of 0.4 percent

Indian slum beats COVID-19 but suffers under lockdown

Despite social distancing and home quarantining being near impossible, the lack of infections in Dharavi is nothing short of a miracle, priest says

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