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Black Nazarene replicas flood Manila streets

Blessing of the images accompanied by banging of drums and the chanting of devotees

Philippine groups call for peace talks after ceasefire expires

Activists warn against ‘peace spoilers’ who want to impose conditions for the peace negotiations to resume

Devotees stand up to save Nazarene chapel in Manila

Chapel stands in the middle of an intersection in the poor district of Tondo in Manila

Tribal people, armed conflict help save endangered Philippine crocodiles

Researcher says there’s a ‘healthy viable population’ of the reptiles which are smaller cousins of the saltwater crocodile

‘Kingdoms’ in small Philippine town hold feasts to honor ‘Three Kings’

Philippine church leaders acknowledge various ways Filipinos observe the feast but have also called on the faithful to remember its ‘real message’

Disasters turn young Filipinos into ‘climate warriors’

As discussions on climate crisis heat up, threats to the environment are being addressed by young people

Bodies of Filipino migrant workers killed in ‘freak accident’ return home

Women having picnic killed by car which rammed through a metal railing outside a Singaporean shopping mall

Filipinos welcome 2020 ‘with hopes rather than with fears’

A group of rights advocates calls for sharing of hope and overcoming fear through a collective response to injustice

Philippines’ feast of Black Nazarene off to solemn start

Annual religious event is the largest procession in the country, drawing millions of devotees

From photography to the nunnery

A woman’s journey to finding beauty in embracing a life of service

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