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When courage comes from faith

Philippine press freedom hero got his courage from knowing that he was doing God’s will

Philippine church aid agency seeks support for quake-hit communities

Caritas plans to provide psychosocial and livelihood support to the communities

Rebuilding efforts fall short for many survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan

The 2013 disaster ‘was made worse by govt neglect and corruption,’ says head of typhoon survivor group

Neglect can turn Marawi into a breeding ground for terrorists

Some government officials claim that residents deserved their fate because they had allowed the city to become a hub for extremist groups

Churches decry red tagging of Philippine Protestant council

National Council of Churches in the Philippines has consistently spoken out against the government's anti-narcotics ‘war’

Residents of war-torn city of Marawi decry ‘poor rehabilitation program’

Govt agencies have reportedly failed to explain where the funds for Marawi's recovery and rehabilitation went

Voyeurs on the margins

The recent ruckus between the female siblings of a "slightly prominent" Filipino family involved in the country's entertainment business at the wake of its...

Bishop seeks probe into arrest of activists in central Philippines

Authorities touted the arrests as ‘a major victory against armed rebels’

Philippine courts caught in crossfire of political unrest

Lawyers call for transparency in the issuance of arrest and search warrants

Philippine church agencies mobilize resources for quake-stricken communities

Caritas coordinating with other aid providers and govt to ensure best results in aid efforts

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