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Most Filipinos back renewal of ABS-CBN franchise: Veritas survey

The survey noted that 68 percent of the respondents are disposed to support a “people’s initiative” for the renewal of the ABS-CBN franchise

Philippine network shutdown a brazen assault on press freedom, democracy

This is the second time the media network will be shut down since 1972 when it was closed down upon the formal declaration of martial law

Philippine religious leaders decry shutdown of ABS-CBN broadcast network

Philippine religious superiors described the decision of Congress as a 'disgraceful act' and a 'brazen display' of 'trapo' power

Despite protests, Philippine Congress rejects franchise renewal of ABS-CBN

The network is officially shutting down after the House's legislative franchises body rejected the media company’s franchise application

Duterte’s allies in Congress want to dictate news coverage

Statements by Philippine legislators indicate a desire to trap news outfits behind the steel bars of state-controlled news management

Priest warns against ‘manipulation’ of public perception of Philippine media

Monsignor Pedro Quitorio said there is a need “to reduce, if not to counter, the bad perception” in the minds of the public about the news media

Church leaders, rights groups cry foul over libel conviction of Filipino...

The court ruled that Maria Ressa and Reynaldo Santos are guilty of cyber libel charges over a complaint filed by a businessman

Libel conviction of Rappler editor ‘dangerous precedent’ for Philippine media

Rappler's cyber libel case should not be seen in isolation from other attacks against the online news platform.

Philippine court convicts Rappler editor Maria Ressa of cyber libel

The court ruled that Maria Ressa and Reynaldo Santos are guilty of cyber libel charges and sentenced to at least 6 months and one day in jail

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