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Opportunity of a lifetime: An open letter

"Tears, they say, flow when the heart cannot express its sorrow or joy. But after the tears, let us remember that we have just begun."

Philippines’ outgoing vice president gives new face to volunteer movement

Supporters of Vice President Leni Robredo said they will continue to be part of her initiatives to help communities in the peripheries

Photos: Leni Robredo thanks supporters for sacrifice

Hundreds of supporters of Vice President Leni Robredo hold a Thanksgiving Rally inside the Ateneo de Manila University on May 13, 2022

Leni Robredo vows to ‘fight lies’

"We need to accept the decision of the majority and I implore everyone to be with me on this" - Leni Robredo

Thousands of Filipinos vow to stand by Robredo for change, love...

Vice President Leni Robredo capped a grueling 90-day campaign by speaking before a mammoth crowd of about 800,000 people

Dirty tricks allegations mar last days of Philippine election campaign

Saturday will see both sides hold enormous rallies in Manila — with hundreds of thousands projected to gather to cheer their political idols

Hundreds of Catholic bishops, priests back Robredo’s presidential bid days before...

The times “are extremely abnormal and we believe that silence in front of a possible return of a lamented past is even more dangerous”

‘UPinkFight’ honors voting powers of Filipino women

Until the adoption of the 1935 Constitution, only Filipino men were allowed to vote in the country and women had no legal rights

Leni Robredo: ‘Last woman standing’ in Philippine presidential race

Leni Robredo is the last obstacle to the Marcos family regaining the presidency they lost in 1986 following a popular uprising

Post-election scenario: Robredo presidency

Because she was elected with the support of Church people there is close Church and state collaboration for the common good

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