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Pope Francis calls to embrace love, humility, and the journey of...

"While the real difference is between lovers and those who have lost that initial passion.... Only those who love fare forward”

BALIK-TANAW: The humility of true leadership

As Christians, we must lead with humility, serve with compassion, and treat all people with the love and respect they deserve

Saints laugh at themselves

Saints know how to laugh, oftentimes at themselves. In contrast, people with bloated egos take themselves too seriously


"No one can really fully comprehend the divine, even if we do have sparks of divinity in our humanity. Humility is the first step in not getting lost"

‘Less is more’

“Tandaan ninyo ito: kapag hindi kayo nagbago at tumulad sa mga bata, hinding-hindi kayo mabibilang sa mga pinaghaharian ng Diyos!”

Children of the Light

In humility and trust, will not a person grow because of its parent, and when fully mature, will eventually mirror its parent?

Pope Francis warns of the danger of ‘spiritual arrogance’

Pope Francis said that everyone should look closely at the parable of the Pharisee and the publican


Pinapaalaala sa atin na patuloy pa ang gawain ng pagpapalagap ng kaharian ng Diyos sa buong mundo

Mapagkumbaba. Mapagbigay.

Ang halaga ng tao ay wala sa pagpansin sa kanya ng iba. Ang kanyang worth ay ang kanyang kabutihan at kagandahang loob.

Only with humility

The saints have shown through their holy lives that humility can stand up to challenge a proud world

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