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Hong Kong to end year with multiple protests, kick off 2020...

Demonstrations planned for New Year follow a pick up in clashes since Christmas Eve

Young democrats shake up pro-Beijing stronghold in Hong Kong

In one Hong Kong district, a political sea change following local elections lay bare a generational divide

Should democracies ban facial surveillance, or would that weaken them against...

China is taking charge of not only the international market for AI biometric surveillance, but its governance also

Cardinal Zen awarded for efforts helping China’s Catholics, Hong Kong

Wei Jingsheng Chinese Democracy Champion Prize award also for the people of Hong Kong ‘who refused to bow down their noble heads’

Foreign experts quit Hong Kong police probe in blow to force’s...

Their departure could deepen public anger at a lack of accountability for police brutality during protests

Cardinal Zen interview: Hong Kong crisis is a ‘war’

Cardinal discusses Hong Kong protests, Vatican’s relationship with Beijing

Protests set for all week in Hong Kong’s business district

One protester said his advertising agency had closed for the week in solidarity with the pro-democracy movement

Simon Cheng lodges complaint over ‘China forced confession’ broadcast

CCTV showed the footage not long after Cheng spoke of being tortured while in detention for 15 days

Hong Kong democrats rout pro-Beijing candidates

After months of protests in Hong Kong, an election with record turnout handed a big victory to pro-democracy local district council candidates, posing a...

US passes bill aimed at protecting human rights in Hong Kong

Beijing accused of being behind the ‘violence and repression’ in the Asian financial hub

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