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Peeking through the Great Firewall at the Hong Kong protests

Foreign media has shaped some sympathetic mainland Chinese views on the protests, but fear of the state will ensure the unrest doesn’t spread

Ugly scenes in Hong Kong mall as pro-democracy leader’s ear bitten...

White-shirted attacker also slashed others with kitchen knife in what was a weekend of chaos in the city

Hong Kong disqualifies democracy activist Joshua Wong from district elections

Wong says he is the only person disqualified out of more than 1,100 candidates in elections set for November

Catholics come together to pray as Hong Kong crisis deepens

Reciting the rosary represents non-violent resistance to tyranny, auxiliary bishop says

Hong Kong protesters fear mainland style facial recognition technology

Fear of the technology is one reason why mask use has increased in recent weeks despite a ban on masks

Hong Kong extradition bill officially killed

But the move is unlikely to end pro-democracy protests

Thousands defy police protest ban in Hong Kong

The city has been gripped by protests for months over concerns of China’s tightening control

Independence for Hong Kong is not unthinkable

And why the world’s most powerful nations should support it

Hong Kong pro-democracy leader attacked with hammers and knives

Staff working at a nearby garage tried to intervene and stop the attack but were threatened at knifepoint

Hong Kong leader Lam abandons policy speech after protests

Session was adjourned after opposition lawmakers donned face Xi Jinping masks, chanted slogans

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