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Catholic bishop hopes new PhilHealth chief to address corruption in agency

President Rodrigo Duterte appointed former National Bureau of Investigation Director Dante Gierran as the new head of PhilHealth

Hospital workers call on Philippine gov’t to report state of health...

In a statement on August 7, hospital labor unions called on authorities “to lay bare the true state of our situation.”

Philippine medical practitioners call for stricter quarantine measures

The doctors warned that the Philippines might suffer the fate of New York City, with patients dying at home or in stretchers due to COVID-19

Health is a right, not a privilege

With many far-flung communities unable to get the services of doctors, how can we expect to fight a deadly viral infection?

Bishop calls for implementation of Philippines’ universal health care law

Bishop Oscar Jaime Florencio said the implementation of the law can be a "test" of how effective it is

Overburdened Philippine health care system

To help the government in addressing the coronavirus crisis, the Church has mobilized its machinery to extend help to the poor and the marginalized.

People living with HIV face hardships due to COVID-19 lockdown

It is discrimination and stigma that kill people living with HIV, not the disease itself

Fears that India’s health system will buckle under pandemic strain

‘Hospitals aren’t equipped enough to cater to the basic ailments of the people in normal times’

Philippine church groups offer online medical, spiritual consultation

People need someone to talk to — online or over-the-phone conversations can help boost spirits

Rights group warns of coronavirus ‘tinderbox’ in Myanmar displacement camps

Years of 'conflict, abuse, and neglect' leave most vulnerable in peril

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