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On God-given talents

A talent that has been given by God, is a talent that is necessary for his kingdom

Rethinking the God that never was

As Christians, our involvement with the courageous Jesus will hopefully give us the impetus to recover the reality of this loving Spirit

Palabra de Honor

When we say one thing and do something else, such as when we make promises and not keep them, we break our word and dishonor ourselves

A divided House

We can only wonder what sort of spirits are at work in the division that is presently taking place in the Lower House of Congress

Grace vs merit

It is only when we realize how blessed we are that we start living life as a blessing

Wheel of Fortune

For as long as the people remain in a kind of persecution complex ..., there is no way they can grow from victims to victors

God’s way

God’s way is the Way of Love, the readiness to rise above oneself ... to achieve a higher and a greater version of oneself

To be Christ

Can we really do as Jesus did? Can we really have power over evil spirits as he did? Heal as he did? Multiply loaves as he did?

The secret of multiplication

A dismissive attitude that cannot start with the limited resources available will never experience the miracle of multiplication.

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