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Sinodal na Santatlo

Ang Diyos na Santatlo ang nagpapagalaw sa Simbahan upang unti-unti tayong magiging sanhi ng pagbabago ng lipunan at ng buong sanlibutan

God for us

“Ang Diyos ay hindi nag-iisa kundi nagkakaisa. Hindi rin siya nang-iisa. Siya'y nakikiisa.”

Pope Francis invites Christians to live in ‘unity that is born...

Pope Francis said unity is “essential to Christians,” adding that it is “not an attitude” nor “a manner of speaking”

The call to a trinitarian life

Building basic ecclesial communities is not “a new way of being Church.” It has always been the only “way of being Church.”

The Holy Trinity: Enriching yet challenging faith experience

Cardinal Bo of Myanmar said It is not COVID that is destroying humanity but the "anti Trinitarian" tendency that has infected the world

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