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Philippine groups mark ‘Mining Hell Week,’ demand policy change

A bill in Congress aims to conserve non-renewable mineral resources by adopting a ‘sustainable and rational’ mineral management

A whole-of-nation approach to environmental challenges in the Philippines

Preparing future generations to meet their own needs is precisely what Church and faith-based groups are trying to do

Philippine bishops meet with tribal leaders, warn against destructive ‘development’

The church leaders said the Lenten season is an opportunity for everyone to focus on God’s gift of creation and respect for the Earth

Water pollution endangers the ‘Heart of Cambodia’

Contaminated water from Tonle Sap Lake is creating serious health problems for many Cambodians

As Myanmar farmers lose their land, sand mining for Singapore is...

Sand mining has been blamed by scientists for damaging sensitive ecosystems around the world, accelerating coastal and riverine erosion

Catholics prepare for Laudato Si’ Week

'What kind of world do we want to leave to those who will come after us?' the pope asks

Philippine diocese calls for stop to operations of Australian mining firm

Congressional inquiry looked into OceanaGold's application for the renewal of its mining rights for another 25 years

Philippine bishops call for stop to controversial dam project

Critics of the dam project forecast the displacement of 11,000 families living across the 28,000 hectares of land that are affected

Philippine bishop calls for accountability on ‘ecological sins’ at start of...

We are tasked as stewards of the earth, Bishop Gerardo Alminaza of San Carlos says

SPOTLIGHT: Air pollution an increasing burden in Southeast Asia

Public wrestles with the downside of economic growth and growing energy demand

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