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Cardinal Tagle, Philippine Church leaders reiterate call for ‘ecological conversion’

Cardinal Tagle said everyone must give a “pledge of action” to allow “the environment a break from all our demands and wants”

SPOTLIGHT: Pandemic, ‘development project’ threaten survival of Philippine tribe

Many times people are tagged as criminals when they resist development projects, says Aeta man

Philippine Catholic Church goes ‘aggressive’ on protection of environment

The “2021 National Laudato si' Program” presents plans that require a “whole-of-nation” approach in environmental protection

Global warming can be stopped

We too can change our community to be more climate friendly by protecting our local environment

Protecting the ‘Common Home’ is ‘mission possible’

How could humanity afford to spend billions of dollars to search for life on another planet while billions are also spent to destroy our own?

Philippine green groups pay tribute to priest who championed ecological activism

Environmental activists remembered Father Toledo as a “young priest with a strong resolve” to fight for ecological and social justice

Climate activists urge Asian countries to commit to fossil fuel-free region

The activists called on China "to take decisive steps and pave the way for a fossil fuel-free Asia"

Green groups warn against seabed mining project in northern Philippines

At least 78 environmental organizations said the project will “potentially destroy the ecosystems” in the area

What is the change we need to dream about?

We need to see crisis as an opportunity for change so that a meticulous discernment on changes we need to effect can be generated and pursued

What is happening to our world?

Whether we like it or not, aware, or unaware, wittingly, or unwittingly, we are part of the problem faced by our world.

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