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Green activists press for effective climate communication

Vulnerable sectors should understand the impacts of climate change, its threats, who are accountable, and how to act on them

UN climate report signals decisive moment for humanity, say green groups

Pro-environment groups warn that frontline communities will experience more "climate injustice” if countries will not limit warming

UN climate report increases urgency for green investment funds

A UN climate report this week found that global warming is dangerously close to spiraling out of control

Pasado ba si Pangulong Duterte pagdating sa kalikasan?

Ating tingnan ang mga nagawa ng administrasyon ni Pangulong Duterte sa mga suliraning pangkalikasan at pangklima

Asian, tropical coastlines most vulnerable to rising seas – study

62% of these low-lying areas were located in the tropics, with a third of the total in Asia, said the study

Vatican to host ‘Faith and Science’ talks to raise stakes ahead...

Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher stressed that faith has a role to play in looking for solutions to the challenges presented by climate change

On Earth Day, Philippine gov’t urged to prioritize protection vs climate...

The groups urged the Commission on Human Rights to expedite the release of a resolution on the “climate change and human rights inquiry”

Restore our Earth so we can live

We can and must change to good clean ways of living so as to undo the damage caused by the past generations and the present one

Philippines raises carbon emission reduction target to 75% by 2030

A government official says the new target is "ambitious” although environmental activists called on the government to do more

Pope, using Shakespeare, makes climate change appeal

'To see or not to see, that is the question!' Where it starts is with each one's seeing, yes, mine and yours' - Pope Francis

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