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It’s time to eliminate the unacceptable

The United Nations has declared 2021 as the “International Year for the Elimination of Child Labor

Pope Francis warns anew against ‘habit of covering up’ child abuse

Pope Francis said the tendency to cover up child abuse 'is always there,' adding that everyone 'must fight this old habit of covering up'

The throwaway rejected street children

The real criminals are corrupt authorities who abuse children and ignore their plight as they live and die on garbage dumps and in sewers

Young Filipino boys, more than girls, suffer from sexual abuse

A Philippine study on violence against children noted that sexual violence occurs more often on boys (28.7 percent) than girls (20.1%)

Pakistani authorities hit for release of abductor of 12-year-old girl

Sexual assaults and fraudulent marriages are used by perpetrators to entrap victims

On ‘feast’ of Santo Niño, Manila bishop urges Filipinos to fight...

"If we are really devotees of the Santi Niño we should be united in fighting the exploitation of children" - Bishop Pabillo of Manila

Priest welcomes Philippine bill increasing age of sexual consent for minors

The proposed legislation will make it a crime for any adult to have sexual contact with a child under 16 years of age

The rape of innocence

Justice is a powerful healing for victims of sexual abuse and just enlightened judges are an essential part of the healing process

Child rights group welcomes approval of bill raising age of statutory...

The House of Representatives passed on second reading a bill that will amend the law on the protection of children against abuse

Human trafficking: A scourge on humanity

Human trafficking never really ceased and years later it began to make a comeback as tourism was promoted

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