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On ‘feast’ of Santo Niño, Manila bishop urges Filipinos to fight...

"If we are really devotees of the Santi Niño we should be united in fighting the exploitation of children" - Bishop Pabillo of Manila

Priest welcomes Philippine bill increasing age of sexual consent for minors

The proposed legislation will make it a crime for any adult to have sexual contact with a child under 16 years of age

The rape of innocence

Justice is a powerful healing for victims of sexual abuse and just enlightened judges are an essential part of the healing process

Child rights group welcomes approval of bill raising age of statutory...

The House of Representatives passed on second reading a bill that will amend the law on the protection of children against abuse

Human trafficking: A scourge on humanity

Human trafficking never really ceased and years later it began to make a comeback as tourism was promoted

Philippines vows to sustain efforts agains online sexual exploitation of children

The Philippines has been lauded for becoming a "model" on how to combat and end the online sex exploitation of children

A call for action against abuse of children online

More resources have to be devoted to detecting and apprehending child abusers and increasing the penalties for crimes against children

Some very uncomfortable truths

We can speculate that manipulative forces in society welcome and promote collective silence, docility, moral decay, and social ignorance

Child rights group seeks increase in age of statutory rape victims

A bill seeking to raise the age of consent and determination of statutory rape was approved at the committee level in the Senate on October 1

Faith-based groups call on Pakistan to address rising cases of forced...

More than 1,000 Christian and Hindu girls are abducted, forced into marriage, and raped each year

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