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Torture and abuse of children in jails

Children continue to be jailed, abused, and tortured in prisons and detention centers in many parts of Asia

Rescuers of child victims abuse them, too

This is corruption without mercy. It must be exposed and the culprits identified and brought to justice.

Pope Francis urges legislators to fight child pornography, data breaches, cyber...

“In our age particularly, one of the greatest challenges confronting us is the administration of technology for the common good”

Child Rights Network calls for immediate passage of Philippines’ End Child...

Rights groups say rapists have been using the loophole in the laws to claim sex with children as young as 12 years old is consensual

Reporting abuse should be as easy as making a call

Child abuse is almost as frequent as sending a text message. Reporting child abuse should be as frequent as making a phone call.

Understanding youth and fighting social evil

The institutional Church seems to have abandoned its duty to protect and stand for human rights and children’s and family rights and dignity

The vulnerability of child victims of sexual abuse

Victims of sexual abuse have to live with the memory, the secret and pain their whole lives

The global reach of child abuse via the web

The public must realize that the transmission of child abuse images and live streaming of abuse videos is going on and allowed by ISPs

How to end child labor

With good people who are determined to end child labor, there is hope that child labor and exploitation can be reduced

Parents and the Internet for good and bad

The smart phone, while it can be used for education and learning and positive and inspiring communication, has its dark dangerous side

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