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The seven habits of true charity

"True charity is clearly an imperative. True charity is clearly the mark of a Christian."

The supernatural habit of charity

Every day, we are challenged to give other people understanding, respect, kind words, humble wisdom, helping hands and prayers

‘Standing beside those who suffer on a path of charity’

This is the message of Pope Francis for the Thirtieth World Day of the Sick observance on February 11, 2022

Pope Francis meets ‘Pope’s Team’ ahead of charity soccer match

The team, Pope Francis joked, does not consist of cardinals — who range in age from 54 to 97


One of the best signs that we are building a civilization of love is when we work for the survival of the weakest

Genuine charity, true justice and peace

More blessed are those who in spite of still being unliberated from suffering, have chosen to free others first before themselves

Cheerful giving

You don’t hold God in a debt of gratitude because you can never outdo God in generosity

Watch: Roadside ‘community pantries’ pop up in Philippine capital

The initiative's only rule is for people to take what they need from the "pantry" and to also give according to their capability

Filipino ‘Samaritan’ sets up ‘community pantry’ to help needy

A roadside “community pantry” for those most in need has only one rule: “take what you need” and “give according to your capability”

Am I my brother’s keeper?

Charity and justice are not whims, nor impulses, nor fleeting inspirations; charity and justice are social obligations

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