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Catholics told to embrace charity and love

Pope Francis urged the faithful to emulate the journey of Jesus by offering the “wealth of charity, sharing our bread, and multiplying love” on World Day of the Poor. 

The pope’s reflections centered on the Gospel parable of the talents, drawing parallels between the journey of Jesus and the journey of individuals in their daily lives.The pontiff said Jesus Christ “became poor in order to make us rich.” He pointed to the wealth left by Jesus, including the Eucharist, his life-giving words, the guidance of his holy Mother, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

These gifts, or “talents,” are freely given to humanity so that they may continue the Lord’s work on earth. Pope Francis stressed the importance of using these talents in their daily lives, within society and the Church.

“Let us look once more to Jesus, who received everything from the hands of the Father, yet did not keep this treasure for himself…Jesus lived for us, for our sake. That was the purpose of his journey in the world, before his return to the Father,” said Pope Francis.

The pontiff highlighted the continuation of Jesus’ journey at the end of time when he returns in glory to settle the accounts of history and bring humanity to the joy of eternal life. 

He urged believers to reflect on the state in which the Lord will find them upon his return.

Turning to the journey of individuals, Pope Francis asked whether their lives would follow the path of Jesus, characterized by selfless giving, or the path of selfishness. 

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He emphasized the need to multiply the love received from the Lord and make their lives offerings of love for the sake of others.

“We have received from the Lord the gift of his love and we are called to become a gift for others. The love with which Jesus cared for us, the balm of his mercy, the compassion with which he tended our wounds, the flame of the Spirit by which he filled our hearts with joy and hope – all these are treasures that we cannot simply keep to ourselves,” Pope Francis said.

Addressing the prevalent suffering and widespread poverty in the world, the Pope called on believers to heed the Gospel’s message by spreading the wealth of charity, sharing bread, and multiplying love. 

He emphasized the duty to remember and assist the oppressed, weary, and marginalized, including victims of war, refugees, the hungry, the unemployed, and those who have lost hope.

“When we think of the immense numbers of the poor in our midst, the message of today’s Gospel is clear: let us not bury the wealth of the Lord! Let us spread the wealth of charity, share our bread and multiply love!” said Pope Francis.

He expressed hope that, at the end of their journey, having welcomed Christ in their brothers and sisters, they may hear the words: “Well done, good and trustworthy servant… Enter into the joy of your master.”

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