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Archdiocese of Davao, ipagdiriwang ang patuloy na paglago ng GKK

“GKK, Gasa Diyos sa Davao, Nanag-uban sa Panaw sa Diwa sa Pagka-Piniyalan, 50 Anyos na sa Misyon”

Remembering Bishop Labayen and the Basic Ecclesial Communities

Bishop Julio Labayen recognized the Lord among the poor — farmers, laborers, fisherfolk

Uneven understanding, exercise of synodal process should be expected, welcomed

It is presumptuous to expect a uniform template (and results) in the holding of the synodal process

The call to a trinitarian life

Building basic ecclesial communities is not “a new way of being Church.” It has always been the only “way of being Church.”

Watch: Basic Ecclesial Community shows way to survive pandemic

Watch ‘Up Close’ with the people behind various parish projects that provided for the needs of the poorest of the poor during the pandemic

Parish finds strength in BECs amid pandemic

The impact of the coronavirus outbreak in a Catholic parish might have been worse but for the help of small Christian communities.

Filipino Catholics ride out pandemic with greater ‘communion of souls’ through...

Lapsed Catholics riding out the pandemic in their homes have found renewed faith and are fueling a resurgence in "communion of souls."

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