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Video: Gender-based violence during COVID19 lockdown

When the pandemic lockdown began, women’s rights advocates were quick to notice the missing “gender dimension” in the government response.

The Philippines is far from flattening the curve despite a nationwide lockdown for more than 100 days.

With the government focused on addressing the public health crisis, tackling gender-based violence is left in the hands of a few.

“[Gender-based violence] can happen to anyone regardless of their age, religion, race, and socio-economic status,” said Edz dela Cruz of the Center for Women’s Resources.

“But it’s usually the women who are financially insecure that are stuck in abusive relationships because they have no means to protect themselves and provide for their children.”

“Whatever gains we had in closing the gender gap, we are at risk of losing them,” added Lawyer Twyla Rubin of the Commission Human Rights’ Center for Gender Equality and Women’s Human Rights.

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