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Chinese dams held back Mekong waters during drought, study finds

The effect of China's 11 dams on the upper Mekong has long been debated, but data has been scarce

Vietnam mimics China in forced televised confessions

'Poor human rights record' makes it difficult to determine actual number of victims

Press freedom group releases top 20 ‘digital predator’ list

Reporters Without Borders says pepetrators' ‘activities are tantamount to preying on journalism’

Dissident Vietnamese priest Nguyen Van Ly recovering after heart attack

Nephew says Father Ly will continue to oppose communists despite poor health

SPOTLIGHT: Air pollution an increasing burden in Southeast Asia

Public wrestles with the downside of economic growth and growing energy demand

Rights groups demand EU put Vietnam trade pacts on ice until...

NGOs say Vietnam has not lived up to its end of the bargain

Deadly land dispute in Vietnam sparks crackdown on ‘critical’ social media

Conflicts over land are common in Vietnam, where farmland was forcibly redistributed in the 1970s during Communist rule in the north

Church-charity event for disabled Vietnam War veterans shutdown by police

Annual charity event first launched by the Saigon Redemptorist Church in 2013

North Korean defectors held in Vietnam fear repatriation

Vietnamese authorities called off an attempt to deport the defectors on Nov. 28 after they protested and refused to go

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