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Ho Chi Minh City enters lockdown, with armed soldiers deployed on...

Thousands of official troops and as many as 35,000 army reservists are now being deployed to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in the city

Vietnamese flock to festival, shrug off outbreak risk

Vietnam has been one of Asia's biggest success stories in fighting the coronavirus, credited with decisive measures to track infections

Vietnam steps up ‘chilling’ crackdown on dissent ahead of key Communist...

Public criticism of the party is not tolerated and groups which promote democratization are targeted by the authorities

Long prison sentences for Vietnamese journalists over ‘anti-state propaganda’

Three freelancers convicted of ‘making, storing, spreading information, materials, items for the purpose of opposing the state’

Tech giants ‘complicit’ in industrial-scale repression in Vietnam

State-sponsored harassment rampant on Facebook and YouTube, says rights group

Vietnam urged to release dissident poet

Tran Duc Thach won’t get fair trial, because Vietnam doesn’t have an independent and impartial judiciary, rights group says

Vietnam detains activist hours after human rights meeting with US

The country’s ruling Communist Party tolerates little criticism and has stepped up its crackdown on activists

Vietnamese in Cambodia: Stateless, discriminated and in fear of deportation

Ethnic Vietnamese, born and raised in Cambodia, often discriminated against and sometimes victims of violent racist attacks

Brothers sentenced to death in ‘blatantly unfair trial’ in Vietnam

The two brothers' 83-year-old father was shot dead by police during a clash at a small rice-farming community next to a military base

Online expression results in Vietnamese businessman charged, Facebook group in trouble

Vietnam’s ruling communists control all media and tolerate no dissent

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