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‘Confession on wheels’ rolls in central Philippine parish

A parish in the central Philippines did its best to make the Sacrament of Penance, or Confession, readily available to the faithful.

Prison chaplains double efforts to rekindle hope during pandemic

Inside the maximum security compound of the prison, the priests teach inmates proper hygiene and even help in disinfecting prison cells.

Overburdened Philippine health care system

To help the government in addressing the coronavirus crisis, the Church has mobilized its machinery to extend help to the poor and the marginalized.

Church, faith groups divest US$1.4 billion from fossil fuels

Over 40 church and faith-based groups are divesting from oil, gas and coal investments, saying "every dollar invested in fossil fuels is a vote for suffering."

Artists pay tribute to Philippines’ real life heroes

The artists said health workers are "superhuman beings" because of their "selflessness to serve."

Bishop appeals to returning migrant workers to undergo quarantine

Bishop Ruperto Santos appealed to returning migrant workers to submit themselves to quarantine and to treatment if they are found sick.

Philippine bishops admit 2-month lockdown affects church finances

The two-month lockdown in the Philippines due to the coronavirus pandemic has affected the finances of many churches across the country.

St. Peter’s gets coronavirus scrub-down

Technically, St. Peter’s has remained open during the Italian lockdown which began in early March, although only for private prayer.

Pledge of commitment

The 'Panatang Makabayan' must have drawn a lot of inspiration from the Christian faith because it is exactly the same thing that we are hearing in the Gospel

Philippine church agency prepares communities for post-pandemic scenario

Caritas Philippines initiated a program that aims to ensure food security in communities after the coronavirus pandemic.

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