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Thomas ‘The Twin’

Divine Mercy is about the God who does not give up on us even when we fall into sin or are defeated by our human weaknesses

After Easter, what then?

Is it not enough that we received mercy, but that we must also decide it is now time to offer it?

The silence of God and the loudness of evil

God will not capitulate to the ways of the great pretender and deceiver who bullies his way around by building his tower of Babel


Have we Filipinos responded effectively to the call to holiness, and to the mission to bring others to the same holiness?

The gift

Since only God’s grace can help us achieve it, the harmony of the kingdom of God is thus, a precious gift

Rebuild my house

One challenge for parishes is to return to the basics of restoring not temples of stone but living temples in Christian communities

Exhortation and example

The story of Jesus is the story of a courageous attempt to concretize the justice and peace of his Father’s kingdom


Purpose is what keeps us in one piece especially when we are tempted to fall apart and break into pieces

The duty to bring hope

It is a serious error to suppose that we can pray while being uninvolved in social action, or that social action does not need prayer

On the service of prophets

Prophets must uncompromisingly be willing to be rejected and to suffer for the good of all

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