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Philippine religious leaders decry shutdown of ABS-CBN broadcast network

Philippine religious superiors described the decision of Congress as a 'disgraceful act' and a 'brazen display' of 'trapo' power

‘Planting rice is never fun’

Proclaiming the Word of God is no different sometimes from what the farmer does on the soil to make it disposed for the planting.

400-year old image of Child Jesus missing after Manila church fire

Although there were no reported casualties, the church’s altar collapsed, pews were burned, and religious images were destroyed

Killing a network, fueling resistance

As repression worsens in the Philippines, the closure of a legacy highway of expression has sparked new avenues of resistance

Despite protests, Philippine Congress rejects franchise renewal of ABS-CBN

The network is officially shutting down after the House's legislative franchises body rejected the media company’s franchise application

Philippine Franciscan nuns continue mission for poor amid difficult times

Despite the limitations, the nun said they are looking for means to provide for those most in need and those displaced by the pandemic

Anti-terror law offers cold comfort, instills red-hot fear

To use the new law to suppress legitimate demands, arrest and detain those seeking justice, is nothing less than out-and-out State terrorism

Church, aid groups wary over anti-terror law provision that limits help...

The groups said the measure “gives broad powers to the implementors of the law in selecting which groups can provide aid” to communities

Philippine president lumps political dissent with terrorism

Critics of the new law warn that “safeguards” covering constitutional rights can be skirted by members of the anti-terrorism council

Pandemic brings new challenges to Philippine seminary formation

Seminary formators in the Philippines admit that they have to adjust processes - from vocation promotion to classes - because of the pandemic

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