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‘If you want peace, work for justice’

"The victims of our society, despite the deaths they undergo each day, truly desire to live. Let us make them live."

Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican leaders call climate crisis a ‘devastating injustice’

"The current climate crisis speaks volumes about who we are and how we view and treat God’s creation"

Manila bishop urges Church leaders to stand up to ‘evils’ of...

Bishop Broderick Pabillo of Manila said some Church leaders choose not to speak despite the obvious evils in society

A vicious cycle of poverty and suffering

Poverty has been and has always been inflicted upon those who have the least resistance

Obispo ng Maynila, nakiusap na palayain ang mga matatandang bilanggo

Maraming matatandang may sakit at matagal ng bilanggo ang napapabayaan sa loob ng mga bilangguan na nangangailangan ng kapatawaran

Pope Francis hits ‘sick economy’ that spurs inequality

Coronavirus pandemic has exposed and aggravated symptoms of social inequality, pope says

Pope Francis calls on people to seek ‘cure’ for social injustice

There are only two ways the human family can emerge from the crisis: Either we come out of it better, or we come out of it worse, pope says

Treating citizens like cattle

Families left by the wayside during the pandemic know it is the government that is the biggest threat to their safety and security

Holiness requires working for justice, says Manila bishop

“It is negligence and plain cowardice on my part to be silent in front of injustices suffered by others,” Bishop Pabillo said in his homily

Filipino authorities balk as church center opens doors for poor

Police and village officials dispersed street dwellers who lined up outside Manila's center for the homeless

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