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Seafarers and the party-list system

The number of registered voters among sea-based Overseas Filipino Workers has been decreasing for the past three elections

Protection for women Filipino seafarers

The proposed Magna Carta for Filipino seafarers remains pending in both chambers of Congress

Music and myths of the mermaids

Away from family, sailing for weeks or months, the Filipino seafarer is physically, mentally, and emotionally stressed

Filipino seafarers, Philippines’ gift to the world

It is estimated that there is one Filipino seafarer for every four to five complements on board a vessel at any time

Faith as a seafarer’s weapon

It is relatively common for seafarers to engage in faith-based routines, which they hoped would offer them some protection

The sinking of MV Gulf Livestock 1, missing seafarers, and the...

It has been a year since the livestock carrier Gulf Livestock 1 went missing with 40 crew, most of whom were Filipinos

Pinoy Marino Rights: Disregarding fit-to-work certifications

The Supreme Court stressed in several rulings that courts are not bound by the medical findings of company doctors

Observing the rule of law during pandemic

"This pandemic drove home the lesson that to stay safe, we need everybody to stay safe"

SOS: Stranded and shattered seafarers threaten global supply lines

About 100,000 seafarers are stranded at sea beyond their regular stints of typically 3-9 months

Seafarer’s hazardous life on board car carriers

While people enjoy driving their cars, transporting automobiles as cargoes on board vessels have a toll on a seafarer’s health

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