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A light amid darkness

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, and the coming of light into the world, we are reminded that amidst the darkness there is light

VP Sara rebukes BBM’s peace plan, fuels speculation of rift with...

Castro said it is alarming that the vice president’s statements reflect a lack of understanding of the complexities of the peace process

Political party leaders back Marcos Jr.’s peace initiative

The expression of support was made a day after Vice-President Sara Duterte publicly opposed the peace initiative of the Marcos administration. 

Ecumenical youth group hits VP Duterte’s ‘enemy of peace’ remarks

Congress decided to reallocate VP Duterte’s confidential funds to agencies protecting the West Philippine Sea

Teacher solon: VP threatens confidential funds critics with police action

The teacher solon said the vice president is gaslighting (psychologically manipulating) those calling for transparency and accountability

Protestant Council calls for transparency over top Philippine officials’ confidential funds

The office of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. sought P2.25 billion in confidential funds and P2.3 billion in intelligence funds

Teachers tell PH gov’t: Address perennial problems of education sector

Budget cuts on programs are happening in light of the increased confidential and intelligence funds for the education department

Martial law survivors oppose DepEd’s whitewashing of Marcos dictatorship

The group of martial law survivors said the recently launched Matatag curriculum is “historical distortion and mass disinformation".

Gilas in FIBA World Cup 2023: The difference between disappointment and...

Why is there no outrage over a total of six hundred twenty-five million pesos of confidential funds for Sara Duterte

Greatness of good teachers, child abuse of the bad

Some officials of the Department of Education do not strictly implement the code of conduct in protecting children from abuse

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