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Why did Pope Francis visit a record store in Rome?

The photo shows the masked pontiff leaving a store with a sign reading “Stereosound” above the door

Pope Francis laments ‘cancel culture’ in annual address to diplomats

The pope said that international organizations were increasingly pursuing “divisive” agendas

Pope Francis appoints 3 priests from central Philippines as ‘papal chaplains’

All nominated monsignors are officially considered part of the papal household, whether they serve in the Vatican or elsewhere

Mom says son’s impromptu encounter with Pope Francis led to ‘miracle’

It was one of the viral Vatican moments of 2021: a boy in a black tracksuit spontaneously walking up to greet Pope Francis

Pope Francis baptizes babies in Sistine Chapel for first time since...

As in previous years, the pope told parents not to worry if their babies made loud noises during the ceremony

Pope Francis: Let’s ‘begin again with more humanity’ amid pandemic

"I encourage you to give your energies to those in need, and to become people capable of true and sincere encounters,” said the pope

Pope Francis tells business leaders, ‘Church needs your witness’

The pope said Christian business leaders had their own crosses to bear, but encouraged them to endure them with grace and confidence

Pope Francis at Epiphany Mass: Let us adore Christ like the...

Pope Francis said the Magi are models of “a courageous faith” that is unafraid to challenge the sinister logic of power“

Pope Francis: ‘I continue to dream of a completely missionary Church’

In his message, Pope Francis emphasized that every member of the Church has a shared responsibility to witness to Christ

Society loses when ‘dogs and cats take the place of children’

The pope said “civilization becomes older” as the “richness of fatherhood and motherhood is lost”

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