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Holiness requires working for justice, says Manila bishop

“It is negligence and plain cowardice on my part to be silent in front of injustices suffered by others,” Bishop Pabillo said in his homily

‘Let’s keep our gaze fixed on the poor’

Poor Filipinos will be more vulnerable in the months ahead as job losses mount due to the coronavirus pandemic

Pope reminds faithful of responsibility to help poor during pandemic

Pope Francis criticized “those who prefer to keep their hands in their pockets and to remain unmoved by situations of poverty"

Philippine faith groups join global campaign for free COVID-19 vaccine

More than 140 world leaders and experts have already signed a petition calling for free distribution of COVID-19 vaccine once it is developed

Bishop appeals to authorities to be more considerate of poor during...

"Whatever happened to the other saying that goes, 'Those who have less in life should have more in law?'" asked Bishop David.

Cities face 100 million ‘new poor’ in post-pandemic world

About 100 million people living in cities worldwide will likely fall into poverty due to the coronavirus pandemic, urban experts have said, calling for...

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