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Philippine Defense chief fires military official for red-tagging university alumni

The Defense chief said the military intelligence official's negligence resulted in "confusion and damage to reputation”

Philippine Christian students hit lifting of deal banning police, soldiers from...

The Christian students group said the abrogation of the deal “will allow the crucifixion of the studentry” who are usually tagged as rebels

Is this how government treats our children?

How a nation treats its children is more than enough commentary of how incapable the latter is of sound thought, to say nothing of compassion

Faith-based group hits reported vaccination of top gov’t officials, military

Critics said the “illegal” and “selective vaccination” shows “an exclusivist attitude by the Duterte administration”

Double-barreled attack on Philippine democracy

The Red-tagging gives state security forces carte blanche authority to go after those who press for peaceful reforms

Is fighting for women’s rights disloyalty to the State or treason...

“Ideological leanings are not sufficient to establish continuous combat function, nor are evidence of direct participation in hostilities"

Philippine military chief’s remarks linking Islamic schools with terrorism draw flak

Muslim leaders said “terrorist-tagging” is “a dangerous and careless statement,” which they said could lead to a “breakdown of peace”

Double-edged sword

The new law is a double-edged sword designed to solve two internal security problems that supposedly stand in the way of development

Philippines suspends abrogation of military treaty with America

President Rodrigo Dutert ordered the suspension of the agreement this week "in light of political and other developments in the region"

Filipino soldiers temporarily trade guns for ladles, feed homeless

Sightings of military trucks and scores of men in camouflage over the weekend sparked fears among people of the start of a “martial law-like...

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